Case studies-based


For those wishing to be eligible for the Sustainable Innovation Awards, you are required to submit relevant details of a specific deal or transaction you believe highlights your sustainable credentials.


Sustainable Innovation Awards

Sustainable Innovation of the Year: Capital Markets
Sustainable Innovation of the Year: Lending
Sustainable Innovation of the Year: Trade and Supply Chain Finance
Sustainable Innovation of the Year: Cash and Liquidity Management


A bank can supply as many case studies as they wish for consideration. Please note, banks must supply the data in the format requested for it to be considered eligible.



To increase your chances of winning a Headline Award or Industry Specialist Award, we require a bank to submit as much ranking-based data as it can. Unless otherwise stated, the data should be both consolidated at a global level and taken from the 2021 calendar year.


Headline Awards

World’s Most Sustainable Bank
Most Sustainable Bank in Middle East and Africa
Most Sustainable Bank in South America
Most Sustainable Bank in Asia
Most Sustainable Bank in North America
Most Sustainable Bank in Europe


Industry Specialist Awards (by region)

Best Green Bond Bank
Best Green Loans Bank
Best Sustainability-Linked Finance Bank
Best ESG Bank
Best Bank for Sustainable Policies


The data will feed into our unique rankings model, of which there are three main components: ESG, sustainable policies, and sustainable finance. Please note, all data supplied will be aggregated to form the basis of the rankings. Although the rankings will be made public, the specific data supplied will not.